Resource Connect are the Workforce Movement specialists. We manage (as part of your team) all your workforce and contractor worker movements so you can save money and concentrate on running your business.

By combining the latest technology with experience, science and maths, the Resource Connect team has turned the challenging act of moving people into an art.
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Remote Workforce Case Study

Work Sites
Bus movements per day
Accommodation Villages
Flights per day

Project: Large gas proponent and their subcontractors

Resource Connect has a track record of successfully managing large workforce movements and increasing asset utilisation rates, which result in direct savings back to our client.

More than 230,000 passenger movements overĀ 18 months

Remote Workforce Case Study

In this large remote project, Resource Connect managed ~ 5,000 passenger movements per day (during peak construction), over an 18 month period. The project flowed across 28 work sites, 10 accommodation villages and 3 airports, servicing 22 flights per day on designated flight days and 200 bus movements per day.

Due to the remote nature of this project it was important that all logistics challenges and workforce safety concerns were identified and delivered without a major incident.

We successfully delivered on the client requirements, generating significant savings for the client during the life of the project.