Resource Connect are the Workforce Movement specialists. We manage (as part of your team) all your workforce and contractor worker movements so you can save money and concentrate on running your business.

By combining the latest technology with experience, science and maths, the Resource Connect team has turned the challenging act of moving people into an art.
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Our System In Detail

Remote work force movement and Remote Workforce Management Specialists - Resource Connect

These components can be used together as the one workforce management system, as well as independently of each other where required.

Our model allows for full flexibility, as we recognise that some clients may wish to pick and select which of these components they utilise, based on their industry, location and business capacity.

Remote workforce movement and remote workforce management - Resource Connect

Old system


New system

As a whole, the Resource Connect System manages the workforce through:

  • Medical, training & induction management

  • Logistics management

  • Booking management

  • Travel management

  • Utilisation management

  • Accommodation management

  • Customised reporting

  • Technology platform

Resource Connect logistics coverage 0

Our Client's ability to focus on their business 0

By managing all the interfaces in the workforce movement process, our system allows clients to focus on their core business with full confidence that we have their personnel logistics covered.

Our system also plays an important change management function: helping change workers behaviours towards travel and accommodation, which in turn has the benefit of a safer workforce during transit and cost savings due to reduced instances of no-shows and missed travel of occurrences.

This function is aided by the flexible nature of the Resource Connect System, which ensures that a high degree of fluidity is ever present to meet changing demands from various angles.