Resource Connect are the Workforce Movement specialists. We manage (as part of your team) all your workforce and contractor worker movements so you can save money and concentrate on running your business.

By combining the latest technology with experience, science and maths, the Resource Connect team has turned the challenging act of moving people into an art.
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Information – Remote Workforce Management

The Resource Connect System is comprised of 3 specific components.

The Resource Connect System has been specifically designed to make the real-time management of workforce movements hassle free, compliant and as efficient as possible. Using our proprietary process, underpinned by our own IT platform, we have the capacity to manage large numbers of workforce movements across multiple locations all in real time, simultaneously, from the one digital portal.

Contracting and allocation of third party service providers.

Management of personnel supply chain.

Cloud based business intelligence platform that enables the Resource Connect System.

Resource Connect helps clients achieve hassle free real-time management of compliant & cost efficient workforce movements, both local and remote.


Management of personnel supply chain

Our capable workforce movement management team integrates with your existing human resources or travel team and enhances the outcome for your organisation.

While it is relatively easy to manage a handful of worker movements at any time, as the project size increases and we go from a handful of worker movements a day to hundreds per day across the nation using a variety of transport methods, things become quite complicated.

Often organisations have existing teams managing such movements, however, for organisations with over 300 workers (many of whom travel regularly for work), the skills of a specialist Workforce logistics management team can provide the additional expertise needed to truly manage so many worker movements at any point in time, in a cost-effective manner.

Cloud based business intelligence platform that enables this process

Underpinning the Resource Connect System is a powerful, innovative software platform which not only helps manage workers and contractors, but also helps your business with its powerful integration capability. Using an open code approach, our exclusive system integrates with other 3rd party systems your business may already be using, which may include software for:

  • Recruitment, training & induction
  • Medical and other assessments
  • Travel and accommodation
  • Roster and time & attendance

Importantly, our system will integrate the data from each of these systems, bringing together multiple data sets into the one neat platform. This ensures all your project workers & project subcontractor workers can be managed on one database, and enables us to seamlessly tie logistics, management and reporting into real time dashboards for all stakeholders.

Management of third party service providers

We manage the process of contracting and allocating third parties with your gains in mind, and can act as if we are you, without any conflict of interest, as we have no commercial interest with any third party providers.

Using our validated methodology, we contract assets on your behalf based on:

  • Your specific needs
  • Optimised utilisation strategies

Your needs will be different to another company, which is why we tailor our contracting solution to fit your mould.

We do this by spending the time to understand your business and your needs, selecting the right contractors for the job and negotiating pricing arrangements to ensure you get the best value with each contractor being used.

 Tailoring a solution is one part of the process. The other part is knowing how to best utilise the assets within a contract solution.

With our scientifically driven methodology we can simplify this usually complex process, helping clients improve asset utilisation rates by optimising how they are used, resulting in significant cost savings and the more efficient use of worker power.