Resource Connect are the Workforce Movement specialists. We manage (as part of your team) all your workforce and contractor worker movements so you can save money and concentrate on running your business.

By combining the latest technology with experience, science and maths, the Resource Connect team has turned the challenging act of moving people into an art.
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We have innovative processes to facilitate the
management of worker movements:

Workforce visibility

Using latest technology we provide real time visibility to our clients and contractor workforce

Eliminate risks

See where staff are and where they should be to identify risks before they happen.

Productivity gains

With more staff making flights, catching buses and getting to worksites means gains.

Generate savings

We have case studies from previous projects that demonstrate cost savings for our clients

Reduce costs

Red flags are tended to so that a potential non-compliance issue can be avoided ahead of time.

Change management

Our system must remain flexible in order to adapt to a very liquid business environment.

Read about our innovative process in detail

Remote Workforce Movement Specialists

Traditionally managing the movement of remote workforces to, from and within the work site, effectively and efficiently, has been a demanding, expensive and challenging task for companies and their subcontractors. With Resource Connect by your side however, your personnel logistics headaches will be a thing of the past and as an added bonus, we’ll save you money.

The Resource Connect System

The Resource Connect System has been specially designed to make the real-time management of workforce movements hassle free, compliant and as efficient as possible.

Using our innovative process, underpinned by our own IT platform, we have the capacity to manage large numbers of workforce movements across multiple locations all in real time, simultaneously, from the one digital portal.

Our innovative system is suitable for business with large workforces who are
either working remotely or on local projects.

Our solution is customised to our clients business
and is fully scalable, which is an important differentiator in what we have to offer.

A system that manages




From the moment a worker (workforce or contractor) enters the recruitment database, the Resource Connect System is there to help ensure that worker is onboarded correctly, becoming site ready, with all transport and accommodation needs taken care of for the upcoming trip, and regular on going, on site, worker movement management from there onwards.

Our Recent Project.

In this large remote project, Resource Connect managed ~ 5,000 passenger movements per day (during peak construction), over an 18 month period.

The project flowed across 28 work sites, 10 accommodation villages and 3 airports, servicing 22 flights per day on designated flight days and 200 bus movements per day.

Passenger movements per day
Work Sites
Bus movements per day
Accomodation villages
Flights Per Day